Quick Access link in Windows 10 pointing to c;\users instead of network share

When we upgrade our computers for several reasons for Windows 10.
we set up folder redirection in GPO.

The Documents location is set to “Basic - Redirect everyone’s folder to the same location” and “Redirect to the user’s home directory”

The home directory is set on each user to connect a drive letter to \servername \ users \ staff \ real name.

when we log on to windows 10 in the quick access links the location of the documents is set:C:\Users\realusername\documents

The other links for Pictures, Music, and Videos are pointing to the correct network share location as expected. E.g. \servername\users\staff\realusername

Those are set to “Follow the Documents folder”

There is confusion for me that was the c:\drive is quick for default to it.
So it is out of mind why can’t it access to other drives Is it particularly for Local disk © drive

Can anyone please help?
Thanking you for advance.