Recover data from unstable hard disk


I have a disk that contain some data need to be recovered. Unfortunately its in freeze state. I can able to view all the files but not able to copy or move or download the data to another partition/disk.

On the startup I got the below 1720-SMART Hard Drive detects imminent failure error:

The above error confirm the hard disk soon going to die but its detecting in the disk management.
Troubleshooting steps I tried so far:

     Using Ease-us todo backup I tried to backup and Mirror the disk - but failed

     Tried to copy or move files - But not working

      Run Error Checking on Disk scanning - Scan completed but not helpful

Any tips or suggestion to recover the data very appreciated


Hi @AbdulR,

Use Clonezilla to make a copy of the HDD and work on that. Clonezilla does not care what is on the HDD and what state it is in. It merely copies bit for bit. If still not successful try DataRescueDD is my go-to software for imaging a failing drive, following which you can attempt recovery from the image without worrying about bad sectors.

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Hi @tjnihal,

Thanks for the response. I will give a try for Clonezilla and DataRescueDD and see if any luck.


you need 2 HDD. first healthy HDD windows on it and second your damaged HDD. insert both in your PC and start windows from healthy HDD. and your second hard drive will appear in MY Computer and you will be able to copy your files.

IF you have not another sata port on motherboard you can use CD ROM sata cables to connect second damaged HDD on your motherboard

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Hi @AbdulR

  1. Install HDD Re generator software and scan for bad sectors and repair those bad sectors using this software.
    How to fix Bad sectors on HDD (100% workable) - YouTube

  2. Then Use Ease-us Software to Backup your files