Recovery Windows OEM key from dead computer


I had an old PC which is completely dead now. so I built a new one and reused some of the components. Unfortunately, I forgot to deactivate my license (Windows 10 Pro OEM) on the old PC before I cannibalized it, and now it’s not in a state where it’ll be able to boot or run. I’m wondering what the best way to get the key transferred to the new computer is. As far as I understand it my options are:

Put my old HDD in the new PC, boot into it, windows will detect the hardware change so I’ll need to reactivate the license somehow. Once that’s done I’ll deactivate it and then pop the HDD out and proceed to install windows as normal

If I Install windows as normal and Will it let me reuse the key?


Can you turn it on and run bootable file from USB?

please let me know, there is a way to recover your key from bootable USB

Hello @Palmer

This option would help you to find the windows key.