Registered it under a wrong user

Ok, so I bought a new laptop and installed Win 10. Everything is working except for one small issue – I registered it under a wrong user. How can I now fix it to be my username and credentials?!

from control panel>user accounts You can create new user with administrator privileges and remove wrong user, or you can change username and password of wrong user

Hi @JosephS,

Pardon me, Can you please be more specific to your problem, Do you mean you registered your windows 10 license with the wrong user (Microsoft account?

if it is a system name.

navigate here : Control Panel\System and Security\System
1.Click change settings. change.
3.Change the system name and click ok
4.Restart the pc.

Please specify if your question is about registering your windows license to wrong user or about registering your computer with a wrong user account?