Repair ntdll.dll error crash

Hi all,
I am experiencing an error which crashes my PC’s hard drive multiple times:

After reading up on some fixes, i tried re - registering the DLL file with the command “regsvr32.exe /u ntdll.dll” but, to my disappointment, nothing seemed to work.

Can anybody help me with this issue?
Much appreciated.

If you have hard drive errors you can check your disk from CMD(as administrator) and type CHKDSK
or open my computer and choose system drive(C), right-click and select Properties and then go to Tools tab and click Check, and windows will automaticaly check disk and if it will have errors you need to restart PC. you also can try Check Hard Disk for Bad Sectors | Scan Disk on Windows this soft, but you know that it needs long time to finish, depends on your hard drive size

Hi @ConnorO69

Try to Scan your PC hard drive with HDD re-generator software for bad sectors.
then Fix the errors with that software
may be it will help

Hey there!

That could help

This issue fix by restoring the ntdll.dll file from a trustworthy source.