Safari not running

I am using Google via Safari on my Catalina ver.10.15.2 (new MacBook Pro) and it runs all webpages except for Why is that and where might the issue be?

Have you tried to clear cache and cookies from safari settings? or perhaps try a 3rd party explorer such as Chrome from app store?

these steps to remove cookies, cache, and other data stored by Safari for a specific site:

1.Choose Safari > Preferences.
2. Click the Privacy icon.
3. Click the Details button.
4. Search for the name or domain of the website whose data you want to remove.
5. In the results list, click the domain that has data you want to remove.
6. Click Remove.
7.When you’re finished, click Done and close the preferences window.

Did you tried another browser? it may be DNS issue.

If you can’t open a specific website on safari, try these suggestions.

  1. In the Safari app on your Mac, check the message that appears when a page fails to open.It may suggest ways to solve the problem or include information you need to solve it.

  2. Make sure you’re using the correct address for the web page.If you copied and pasted the address, make sure it doesn’t have extra characters or missing characters at the beginning or end.

  3. If the website requires a VPN connection, make sure it’s functioning properly.

  4. Try entering /index.html or /index.htm at the end of the address.

  5. Choose View > Reload Page.If the page still won’t open, quit Safari, reopen it, then try again.

  6. Try again at a different time.The website server may be busy, or the website may be unavailable temporarily.

  7. Contact your network administrator for help.If you connect to the Internet using a corporate or enterprise network, the network may have a firewall that prevents you from opening the web page.

  8. If your computer or network is protected by a firewall, you may need to specify proxy servers to access some Internet sites.

  9. Contact the website’s owner to find out if the web server has a problem or if the website is incompatible with Safari. For example, Safari can’t open a website that uses a protocol other than http or https.

  10. Choose Apple menu > App Store, then click Updates.Use the latest version of Safari.

  11. Click and hold the Reload button, then choose Reload Without Content Blockers.The page might be blocked by a Content Blocker you have installed.

I hope this helps.