Screen Resolution Changing itself on Wake

Hello Everyone,
Here is the problem which they are facing from so many days and them not able to do this thing right and every time when they want to correct it comes to error

There are 2 PC’s facing the same problem. At night the PC turned off and the running software’s used to turn off. The next day Whenever they come and turn on the monitors, the resolution drops. The point to be noticed that the thing which happened on the screen. And randomly it happened a time not every time.

The issue which is happening on The 2 monitors is Samsung’s.
Sometimes it happens after restarting.
Both PC’s have Windows 10 and booth need to up-to-date drivers.

Thus anyone come across this issue before,
Thus anyone can solve this issue forever.
we know that there are so many brains which are waiting to recorrect it and why not they are only the members who can solve this issue.

Thanking you

Hello @SpencerM
Did you check the display driver and monitor driver update.