Scripts fail to run on login - Network Path not found

We provide so many things and so many scripts for so many users.

such as authentication for an internet connection to our proxy/web filters, for recording logins and a bunch of other stuff.

But nowadays we are struggling with a bunch of issues. In those our, some users are not authenticating correctly for internet access. After checking a few machines it looks like it’s running properly but not running correctly.

But after a long time After looking in group policy there is an error that looks like this:

The user ‘First Run’ preference item in the ‘___All Staff Users Default Win10 {E2DA5E5B-F65B-40B3-8591-774205EECAAE}’ with error code the group policy object failed… ‘0x80070041and Network access is denied.’ This error was suppressed.

After a deep search, I found several issues and errors relating to it for those we can’t find any type of scripts…


After restarting it seems to work or after looking off and after backing on they seem to do exists. The policies do exist, so this is an intermittent issue,

Thus anyone knows how can we resolve it…or thus anyone faces this type of issue ever before… does anyone have any ideas where I should start on this?

This concern is going to get worse.

Thanks in advance.