Seafile backup and sync terms

Using this service means you agree to all terms.

This service is provided free of charge with no warranties or guarantees.

The tech we use

The core software we use is supplied by Seafile and we store all data on Wasabi’s platform.

Mutual agreements

We will

  1. Do our best at all times to ensure the service is always available to all clients.
  2. Update you on any changes we make.

You agree to

  1. Use the service for legal purposes only and don’t try to reverse engineer any of our service.
  2. Use the service regularly.
  3. Post all feedback, comments and questions to our public forum

Fair play: Please play fair!!

We will provide you with accounts which can store 100GB data and allow you to sync 2 devices.
If you exceed the 100GB quota or sync more than 2 devices we will ask you to pay for a subscription service.
If you don’t we are likely to suspend and delete the affected account.

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