Server Recommendation for a Small Office

I have an old server which has WIndows Server 2012 R2 that needs to be replaced I think somewhat its 5 year old.

This is a very reasonable server for small company. It does Great plains, sql, sales pad and it is the DC

Our support company says we can’t put the SQL on the DC.

I was thinking of one server with two VM’s

VM1 would be AD DC, File Server, and Print Server

VM2 SQL, GPO, and SharePoint Server

The current server is Xeon E3-1220 1.1 (4 core)

16 GB ram, boot drive 500 GB 80 GB used, data drive 1.3 TB 410 GB used

What would you recommend the new computer have as far as CPU, memory, HDD, etc?

It would be running a host and two VM.s


hello @AbdulR

Here are a few things to consider before purchasing a server.
1.As you may already know, servers are not cheap. They might cost you thousands of Dollars, depending on the specs or model. That’s why budget should be a major consideration.
2. Numbers of users
How many users are in your company which are connected to server.
3. Storage
Different servers have vary storage capacities. You better know the storage requirement of users.

If you would share how many users are connected to server then i can tell you right information about the server.

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This is the million dollar question. Also, what do users do? Do they do the same daily tasks or are there power users running massive reports in GP?