SharePoint Error: your file wasn't uploaded because your changes can't be merged

We are using SharePoint as our file server recently, and many of my users started to complain they are not able to save the document online, and all of them are getting a similar error as below:

Due to this error, they have to make a copy to the local desktop and replace it in the SharePoint directory. This is causing confusion among users who are trying to edit the same document because different versions or copies have to be saved to SharePoint.


Please check the link below.


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Hi @Fawell,

  • Make sure you and your colleagues using the latest version of office or at least same version of office installed in their pc.

  • If this excel file is password protected then this error is expected. Try to remove the password and see if this error gone away.

  • Delete the cache for the office upload center and check whether you can save or not.
    Click on Windows key> Enter Office Upload Center> Click on it to Open> Settings> Delete cached file> Ok.

  • Make sure you have not change the file or folder name. Renaming file or folder name can also cause this issue.



Hi @Fawell,

It is very common error in Microsoft office. I think you have missed one option in OneDrive client that isn’t been checked. You can open OneDrive Settings > Office > make sure “Use Office applications to sync files that I open” option is checked.


Even after following the above solution if you face the problem again please follow the below steps:

  1. Does the problem happen on other Office files, such as: Word document or excel file?

  2. Are the files opened by these users in the “checked out” state?

  3. Make sure you are using the latest version of Microsoft Office in your PC

  4. Go to uninstall programmers and run online repair for your Office application

If you still face the same problem please let me know to assist you furthur

Best regards,

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In addition to the above discussion, here are a few other things to keep in mind when uploading files to SharePoint:

  • Make sure that the file is in a supported format.
  • Check the file permissions to make sure that you have permission to upload the file.
  • If you are uploading a large file, it may take some time to upload. Be patient and wait for the upload to complete.

I hope this helps!

If you’ve seen the error “Your file couldn’t be uploaded because your changes can’t be merged” in SharePoint, don’t worry I have some simple solutions for you:

1. Check File Size: Is your file too big for SharePoint? Make sure it’s within the size limits.

2. Avoid Simultaneous Edits: Coordinate with others to avoid editing the same file at the same time.

3. Retry the Upload: Close and reopen SharePoint, then try uploading the file again.

4. Split Large Files: If your file is too large, break it into smaller parts or reduce its size.

5. Use Version History: Check if an older file version is causing issues:

  • Right-click on the file, pick “Version history.”
  • Choose an older version and click “Download.”
  • Upload the downloaded file back to SharePoint.

6. Contact support: If nothing works, contact your SharePoint admin for assistance.

This error doesn’t always mean someone else made changes. It could be file size or a technical problem. Follow these steps to get your file into SharePoint hassle-free!

Any error like “your file wasn’t uploaded because your changes cannot be merged” can be resolved if you follow a certain procedure. You need to follow a path to find the exact reason. If I were you, I would follow the below path to identify and resolve this error:

  • Attempt to identify the cause of the error, which may involve checking SharePoint error logs, reviewing file history, or consulting your SharePoint administrator. If the error code is “your file wasn’t uploaded because your changes cannot be merged,” consider examining conflicting changes and resolving them.

  • Once the error cause is identified, try appropriate resolutions. For instance, if the file size is an issue, reduce it or upload in smaller chunks. In case of conflicts with another user’s changes, attempt merging or contact the user for resolution.

  • Restart your computer and the SharePoint server to resolve minor issues causing the error.

  • Consider uploading the file to a different SharePoint library. If the error is library-specific, there may be an issue with that particular library.

Try uploading the file from a different device. Device-specific issues might be causing the error, and switching devices could provide a solution.

If problems persist, reach out to your SharePoint administrator for assistance with the error code “your file wasn’t uploaded because your changes cannot be merged.”