Should I move from Windows 7 to Windows 10?

I am always a latecomer to new versions of Windows and was on XP until 2015. You know how it is when you have everything running as you like and all APPs working fine.

I know I need to jump to Windows 10 or probably Windows 2020 when it ships in July this year. Even if it is only to get updated Windows security messages.


A few questions…

  1. Can I upgrade in place from Windows 7 to Windows 10?
  2. Does AVG free work on Windows 10?
  3. Should I wait for Windows 11 instead?
  4. Is the Windows 10 upgrade still free?
  5. How much resources does Windows 10 Pro need?
  6. Can I revert to Windows 7 if I want or maybe a dual boot?

Hello @JimClench

  1. Yes you can upgrade to windows 10.
  2. Your AVG free work on windows 10 as it is related to hardware mac address.
  3. There is no confirm information on Windows 11 that can be provided.
    If there be any updates on Windows 11, they will be posted on official Windows Blog.
    rest of the answers you can check in the given link supported by Microsoft Team.