"Something went wrong" error code 80090034

Good morning,

I am having an issue in my laptop. Just recently it started appearing before we haven’t had this problem before when setting up new PCs with Office 365 Premium apps. The error below presents itself when setting up the Outlook account for the user. Has anyone seen this as this seems to be a new issue?

We have cleared the TPM chip, re-created profiles, disabled modern auth, disjoined/rejoined the domain, etc. with no luck. This client is not in a hybrid 365 setup and not using Bitlocker. Thanks for the help in advance.


Hello @Palmer

Uninstall Trusted platform module from device manager and install driver again.

Hi @Palmer,

Based on my research this error is related to Multiple Factor Authentication. Please follow the below instruction and let me know if this worked out for you:

Go to the folder:


Select Microsoft.AAD.BrokerPlugin_cw5n1h2txyewy and rename the folder something like add .old in the end

Now restart your PC/Laptop. Check this solve your issue



When you sign-in any Microsoft application by default Microsoft store your credential on the Credential manager for further use. The above error description sees somehow Microsoft application are not able to store your credential on the credential manager.

Solution 1: Clean Credential Manager passwords:

  • Press WinKey and type Credential Manager on the search

  • Open the Credential Manager on the control panel and delete all the credential related to Microsoft

  • Now restart your PC and try to open the Application again.

Solution 2: Create new user Profile:

Please follow the below steps to delete an existing user profile and create a new one.

  • Login the PC with built-in administrator account
  • Delete the temp user profile in C:\users\
  • Delete the registry file for the temp user if available in the registry < HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList.>
  • Goto c:\users and rename the default folder to something like default.old (note: you need to enable hidden files in the view to view this folder)
  • This is the main step Copy the default folder (c:\users\default) from a good working computer and paste in the exact location (c:\users\default).
  • Now restart your computer and log in.

Any of the above solutions will help you solve this error.

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