Something went wrong - with error code 0x80090016 Windows 10

Hi Peoples,

I am really frustrated as I am getting this error every single time I am trying to buy Sea of Thieves or try to open a 14 day trial for the game pass. I have checked my services and updated my PC, nothing works. none of the CMD or PowerShell work either, I have tried putting stuff into that and it doesn’t recognize anything I type in!

something went wrong - with error code 0x80090016
something went wrong

I am using Windows 10 with version 1809 os installed on it. least I am thinking to upgrade the windows 10 version to 1903 or 1909 and see if this changes anything.

any suggestions or fixes are appreciated.

This problem might come due to problem while update installation.
Restoring your system might help you with the error.
This worked for most users.

Hello @Craftsman

I hope this link would be help you.