Sometimes users' screen going blank, it work only after reboot

I am a system admin at a school and where I manage about 130 workstations in which all of them are Windows 10.

The problem I am getting reports of is users’ screen going blank and the screens going onto standby and the pc not being useable anymore until its re-booted. The screens act is if the pc has been shut down and says no signal detected. Occasionally I am near a pc and will press Ctrl + Shift + Windows Key + B and this sometimes works and brings the screens back.

Looking at the system logs after the pc has been restarted I can see the logs show Windows Successfully diagnosed a low memory condition and lists savservice.exe and svhost.exe. But I don’t think that this can be the cause of the problem.

The issue doesn’t seem to be triggered by a certain program or application being run, it can be mid-excel or web browsing then bam screens have gone onto standby. I have installed the latest graphics drivers to no avail.

I hope someone can help me try and resolve a problem that seems truly random in its nature.

Edit: I have attached similar screenshot

Hello @William

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Which version of windows is are you using. Did you check the problem in windows safe mode.
Is the screen getting blank after running specific program.
You can update Windows to solve the problem.


can you check event viewer and paste logs here to see the problem?