SSD Disk signature collision error

Hi community! Recently, I purchased a low-price Acer laptop (R 15) and thought I would upgrade it with new SSD as time goes by (it had m.2 slot for SSD). After a week or so, I bought the SSD and copied all files there and worked perfectly. However, once I rebooted, files returned to HDD and the disk manager notified me with this message: Disk signature collision error. Then, I got the HDD out and left SSD only, which resulted in the logo and a dark screen. Contents are there (saw them through command prompt) but I cannot get it functioning. Any thoughts on this? How can get SSD to work with HDD at the same time?

insert HDD and change signature. in disk manager if the disk is offline, right click on it and click online and windows will generate new signature.
you can change signature with cmd> open cmd with administrator and type diskpart
then list disk>select disk x x is the disk you want to change signature
type uniqueid disk to see disk signature, to change signature uniqueid disk id=(New Signature) then you can transfer all files from HDD to SSD