Start Windows 10 Skype App on start up?

I have a PC where I do not have admin permission for installing any software. I Need skype desperately, I can able to install the skype app from Microsoft Windows Store. But I cannot able to start during startup like normal skype. Now that Skype is a “Windows App,” it doesn’t have a shortcut or exe anywhere that I can find to add to my Startup folder.

Is there any option I can do? Does anyone know how to get the Skype app to open on startup?


  • So bring the Run command dialog box into your computer screen by pressing Windows and R

  • Type shell:startup on the command field and click Ok.

  • The Startup folder for the logged in user account will come on the screen.

  • For the programs that you wish to run automatically at boot add their shortcuts to the Startup

  • To create a program shortcut right click on an empty area of the Startup folder and select New followed by Shortcut .

  • On the newly opened Create Shortcut window click on the Browse link and find the file that you wish to run automatically.

  • Provide a name to the shortcut created.

  • And click Finish .

  • For the programs whose shortcuts are already created, you can shift them to the Startup

  • In case you want to disable the created shortcuts than you can do from Task Manager .

  • Or you can easily remove the shortcut from the Startup .

Hello @SpencerM

This link would support for your solution.