Started using Linux

Hi, I just started using Linux, and I need new software for Office. Everything I found so far seems to be outdated. Any recommendations?

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There is an open source office software on your Linux (Libreoffice)
This is a list of other services
WPS office
Apache OpenOffice
SoftMaker Free Office
Calligra Suite
Gnome Office
Siag Office
G suites is very powerful and versatile online cloud-based office productivity suite, which is used to create and share word documents, sheets, presentations, drawing, forms, calculations etc.
I hope you find my answer satisfactory.

Hey there!
I recommend WPS office, it is free am it looks like Office

Hello @RobertsJ
You can use
Libra office
Apache OpenOffice . …
** WPS Office for Linux**
GNOME office


You can use this web-site and download free office application

Hi @RobertsJ

Use LibreOffice, this is more similar as MS Office.
more functionality as MS office.