Stumped - Apple Mobile USB Device Driver Cannot be installed in Windows 10

Hi guys,

Since a few days ago I am battling a very odd problem in Windows 10 and thought I would lay it out some problems here.

Using Windows 10 Version 1809, With iPadOS13.

I am mentioning I would fire it up and get the new update, but as soon as I fired up iTunes and plugged in my iPad, I found there a message “allowing” photos and videos to be accessible by the PC, and I press Allow and then I exited to see the usual device icon appear in iTunes by that I can also regain the upgrade.

Except this time - no device icon.

So I start checking the usual suspects.
Run diagnostics in iTunes.
But it’s giving me a hand…

I think some of them have faced these type
Of issues, I know they can guide me and suggest me this problem’s issue

Yours sincerely
Friend …