Suggestions on disaster recovery cloud services


We had a problem with one of our servers in Azure and didn’t realise there is no native backup in Azure or AWS as it turns out. This has been an eye-opener for me as an IT admin, and I have since realised there is no backup office 365, so our emails are at risk from ransomware.

Needless to say, I am now looking for and enterprise backup for our servers (2 x Windows 2016) in Azure.
These only need to be file system backups as a service for business disaster recovery.

I have looked at the Azure backup, but that seems a strange option to have my backup in the same DC as my live data.

Been looking at Wasabi backup and Backblaze B2 using 2BrightSparks software, but not sure which path to go down.

Is there such a thing as a best cloud server backup service out there? I can consider any robust cloud backup service.

Our budget is around $0.10 to store a GB of compressed data and we need to have 1 year of history.

I think I understand the difference between full and incremental backup, and would like a few ‘from the wild’ experiences and suggestions.


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