Synology Hyper Backup error Failed to connect to the backup destination

I am not able to backup my Synology DS918+ NAS to a Windows server shares. I am getting the below error:

Both the NAS and the windows server in the same network even connected to the same network switch as one after another. I am not sure what is blocking here by the way we have a firewall router which also acting as a DHCP Server.

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Hi @TimCook,

It’s kind of explained what to do in the error window :slight_smile:

  1. Can you ping the NAS?

  2. Restart the backup services if applicable

The rest is not important as you are within the same network (I assume that of course - check if both IP’s are in the same range, subnet and have the same gateway)


Hello @TimCook

As you mentioned in image, it seems that your Device is not connected to Network.
Connect device from an other computer or check IP address of NAS box and reconfigure IP address, make sure IP address is not confilicting and check LAN cable connection.