The remote session ended because the total logon time limit was reached. This limit is set by the server administrator or by network policies

Hello Guys,

I have a windows 10 device which is not able to connected by other Windows 10 device in the network, This PC was upgraded a computer from Windows 7 Professional to Windows 10 Professional. Now when that user attempts to remote desktop from another computer, it kicks him out after 2 minutes every time. I get two messages.

Error: The remote session ended because the total logon time limit was reached. This limit is set by the server administrator or by network policies.


My admin is not contactable at the moment so I am not sure what is policy or services is block the remote desktop connection.

Thanks in advance for any inputs


I think your administrator has defined the below group policy to disconnect the remote desktop connection at specific time. Make sure the below policy is not configured, if configured change it to your need accordingly.

Open Group Policy Editor by typing gpedit.msc in search

Go to Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Remote Desktop Services, Session Time Limits.

Make sure the End session when time limits are reached is not configured


I second @tjnihal suggestions. Additional here are some alternative strategies for using a remote desktop:

Consider using a different client:

You may want to consider alternative remote desktop clients such as TeamViewer. Unlike the built-in Windows Remote Desktop Connection, TeamViewer does not impose a total logon time limit, enabling you to maintain your remote session for an unlimited duration.

Reconnect before the time limit expires:

If you prefer not to switch clients, you could reconnect to your remote session before you reach the time limit. For example, if your logon time limit is 1 hour, set a reminder to reconnect every 55 minutes.

Use a remote desktop connection broker:

A remote desktop connection broker can manage multiple remote desktop sessions. If you’re using one, you can tweak its settings to keep your remote session active indefinitely.

I hope these suggestions prove helpful!

The message “The remote session ended because the total logon time limit was reached” pops up when your remote desktop session unexpectedly disconnects after a specific time. This error often happens due to a pre-configured time limit set by the network administrator or through policy settings.

The following are some of the effective methods to solve the problem. The remote session ended because the total logon time limit was reached." error.

1. Group Policy Editor:

  • Group Policy is the most likely cause of the issue, as suggested by other users. Follow the steps in Answer 1 to check the Group Policy Editor settings for Remote Desktop Services Session Time Limits. Please ensure that the “End session when time limits are reached” setting is not enabled.
  • Change the value to a longer duration if configured or disable it entirely. You may need administrator privileges to do this.

2. Alternative Remote Desktop Clients:

As Answer 2 suggests, using a different remote desktop client like TeamViewer can bypass the time limit. However, this might not be ideal if you need specific Windows Remote Desktop Connection functionalities.

3. Reconnect before Timeout:

Reconnect is a less elegant solution but can be a quick workaround if you need to access the remote system urgently. Set a reminder or timer to reconnect before the time limit expires, essentially “resetting” the session duration.

Additional Tips:

  • Contact your administrator: Try contacting your administrator for the exact reason behind the time limit and the best way to adjust it.
  • Check local policies: While less likely, check if any local Group Policy settings affect your remote desktop connection.
  • Network issues: Although not directly related to the time limit, ensure no network connectivity issues between the computers.