TP-link router as WIFI repeater


at my home, I have Huawey ONT Hg8546m. I have LAN and WIFI connection, but at second-floor wifi signal is weak, so I decided to make wifi repeater.

I have a TP-link router (TL-WR842ND TP-Link 300Mbps Multi-Function Wireless N Router).
and I installed it as repeater-this function it has on the menu.

then I connected it to Huawey wifi signal, entered password and connection established.

But here it becomes a problem.

when I connect to TP-link wifi I can’t access the Internet.

to fix this problem I changed the TP-Link wifi repeater default setting.

I have changed the DNS server to and also changed the repeater gateway to main router IP.

It didn’t work then I returned default settings and I changed to main router IP but nothing happened.

I saw many videos about it, but it didn’t help me

If you have any solution to it please advise me.

thank you


Hi @zura1994,

Once I had the same issue. Instead of using the second router as a repeater I made it as extender which works fine for me. For both the device I use the same name and password and I insert both router credentials in everyone’s phone at home.

However near to which router they will get the connection from the router. I have router in one corner of the home and another one in another corner. So far I didn’t have any issues.

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thank you for your answer

I tried the same name and same password but it didn’t fix

Please check the link below