Trojan virus removal

Hi all! I want to delete a certain malware but fail somewhere in my steps. Here is what I do:
Deleted the item - C:\Windows\System32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\Wininet\Winlogui. Then, I ran a scan and found this out:

The file C:\Windows\System32\StartupCheckLibrary.dll is infected with Trojan.GenericKD.41470538

The file C:\WINDOWS\system32\Tasks\Microsoft\Windows\WDI\SrvHost is infected with Trojan.GenericKD.42068957

The file C:\Windows\System32\winscomrssrv.dll is infected with Trojan.GenericKD.42068957

The file C:\Windows\System32\winlogui.exe is infected with Trojan.GenericKD.42063830

What should I do next? Thanks!

Step 1: Identify the Trojan

After recognizing a file infected with Trojan horse, it becomes easy to remove. Most of the time, your system will give you a DLL error, which is associated with the Trojan attack. You can copy the error and find out about the affected exe file online.

Step 2: Disable the function of System restore

If you forget this step, then it will restore the files you delete.

Step 3: Restart the Computer

When you restart, press F8 and then select safe mode to start your computer.

Step 4: Go to Add or Remove Programs

You will find this in the control panel. Then, you can remove the programs affected with Trojan horse.

Step 5: Remove extensions

To delete all files of a program, you should remove them from Windows System folder.

When you have successfully done the provided procedures, you should restart your system in normal mode already. You can now use a Trojan virus free computer and just be extra careful next time not to be infected again.

What to do if You Get a Trojan: Other ways of removing the Trojan

  • You need to display the hidden folders from the folder options.
    • Then, you got to restart the system in safe mode.
    • After that, you need to disable the processes that are associated with Trojan virus.

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