Unable to delete HDD Partition

Unable to delete HDD Partition 2 (D:). Not the system disk. I already checked and no pagefile, crashdump, hibernation file located there, and the system protection on the drive is disabled. Tried using diskpart override, did not help. I need this done without direct access to the machine (using vnc). Any suggestions?

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Hi @HunterSaunders,

AFAIK, That must be a primary partition that contains the boot loader that is used to boot your operating system. That’s why you are not able to delete the partition. In addition, the partition which holds the boot sector must be set active, otherwise, your computer is unbootable. Therefore, if you want to delete your system partition, Windows Disk Management will fail to do this work.

In order to delete system partition, you need to enter Win-PE environment. You need to use third-party software’s like MiniTool Partition Wizard, EaseUS Partition Master etc.,

Hello @HunterSaunders
As you mentioned that you are not able to delete the partition.
it seems that it is system drive that contains OS, As suggested by @tjnihal.
It will be more clear, if you share sceenshot of the message.

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find the solution in the link provided above