Updated my OS from 8.1 to 10

I do not know if someone already posted here a similar issue but here it goes anyways – Recently I updated my OS from 8.1 to 10. Now, I have problems with permissions on saved files. PC forces me to save them to the User folder and won’t let me access the My Documents or My Pictures. It happens to Chrome and Office files. It says I need admin rights, which I am… Truly, I am! I added user rights on each and every single folder there was on my computer and after some time, the problem comes back as if I did not do anything! Please help! 

Hi @Leventhian,

It seems somehow you windows has corrupted I suggest to repair your windows 10 first before following any troubleshooting steps. Because first let the windows solve the problem, even after a repair still you face the issue please post here a screenshot of the error so that we can help you better.


hi @Leventhian

Try to update your windows version to the latest version.
Eg: 1903