Upgrade from Windows server 2016 standard to the server 2019 standard

Hello. I want to upgrade from the Windows server 2016 standard to the server 2019 standard. My question is do I need to buy a license for it or is it a free upgrade? I cannot get a clear answer from Windows and it seems that it can go both ways (need to pay and that it might be free). Just a simple question. Thank you!

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Hi @Aidan,

No, upgrading is not free you need to buy a new standard license for server 2019. Since, server 2016 is doing fine you should upgrade to server 2019 unless you need a specific features that offered in server 2019. Server 2019 is basically a 2016 R2 version.

If you have no specific requirement for any 2019 features, upgrading is a choice not a requirement, but you still need to buy it.

Note: All of your server 2016 CALs become invalid for server 2019 version. You have to buy new Server 2019 version CALs for all of your users.

Hope this clears your answer. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Hello @Aidan

You will have to buy windows server 2019, now the question is, Do you know specific features of windows server 2019,why you want to upgread, as 2016 server is also good server provided by Microsoft
Generely Server admin does not upgrade without any specific resason.

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Hey there!
Sadly is not free, you need to purchase the 2019