Uploading pics from camera to a cloud platform

What are my options when uploading pics from a camera to a cloud platform? I need both cloud storage and backup of images to keep them safe. What are the best options in the market right now (would rather avoid Raspberry Pi)?

Hi @Aron,

Cloud providers like Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Google Photos or Amazon Photos all of them provide an option to automatically sync your camera roll folder to cloud. One of my client use DropBox and OneDrive to sync his camera images to cloud with premium storage accounts. As per my experience with my client you should choose either DropBox or OneDrive.

Hello @Aron

You can opt Drop box as suggested by @tjnihal, which gives you to 2 GB free storage and it will upload your data automatically, you don’t need to upload manually.
you can use one drive also supported by Microsoft, if you have Microsoft office 365 subscription you can get 1000 GB (1TB) for five users.


I advice you DropBox, and Google Drive. I am using them and they are very comfortable for me

Hi @Aron

i recommend DropBox and Google drive

1. Drop Box
2GB free storage
many file format we can upload

2. Google drive
1.Easy to use
2.15GB free storage

Hey there!
DropBox is a good platform
I would recommend an external SSD for better security

If you need help with routinely backing up your work, consider a service that does that for you. All the apps, support automatic backup, but Box and Dropbox require a paid subscription to unlock this feature.

  • Apple iCloud
  • Amazon Photos
  • Box Canon Irista
  • Dropbox
  • Google Photos
  • MS One Drive
  • Shutterfly
  • Picturelife
  • Everpix
  • Flickr
  • SkyDrive
  • Stream Nation