USB Microphone cutting out during voice chats

Everything is out of mind
Because every time during a voice call it complaining that their audio from the microphone that is being cut out forcing them to end the call and restart it
It usually happens around the ~10 minutes… I think that restarting the windows audio service. is the best advice…

Some info on the machines, they are HP G5s running Windows 1809.
I have attempted the troubleshooting Uninstalling and reinstalling the driver, updating the driver,
trying different USB mic devices,
I attempted AudioEndpoint.inf from my machine and force theirs into using that one but was unable to install it because it is “not digitally signed”.

I am deeply stuck here. there is no way to get out of from there
Thus anyone can help me any appreciated to solve this problem
please guide me on the right path.
Who can solve this issue…

Thanks a lot

Hello @Charlie

Update your laptop bios and update windows compatible driver.