USB speakers lose sound after Windows 10 sleeps

I recently set up a new Windows 10 for my home pc and I removed the windows 7 from my home pc, after adding windows 10 I set it up to sleep after 4 hours. and I also took my little QSB USB- Powered speakers from the old one and I plugged it into the new box. but no problems seem.

but waking up my pc from sleep as soon as I turn on my pc I have lost my sound from the USB speakers. Windows showing that your speakers are running nice there is no problem in your speakers but there is simply no sound.

The tiny PC speaker works fine. I have fine that there would be the solution to this problem by that I can suggest, that before sleeping on my pc it says that everything is ok but why after turning it on the determined me that you lost.

so may I found the right one So can I go to the device manager and delete the old one (speakers) before scanning new hardware and they could be fine and I also tried disabling audio enhancements in the speaker settings but without any luck.

The speakers are running as far as win 10 is concerned but I never found a sound until I restarted or reboot the entire PC.

I don’t wanna appear to lose anything that uses a USB port when
Windows 10 wakes up.