USBs keep reinstalling themselves

I’m having problems with USB devices which keep reinstalling themselves after being uninstalled (Device Manager snapshot containing three USB devices titled "Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed)). Only my mouse, keyboard, and external drive are connected via USB. Any idea as to what might be causing this?

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“Installing Drivers” means (at least) two things:

Locating and installing any missing software drivers for a new device

Configuring Windows and the driver to access the device

For example, when you insert a device into a different USB port than it was originally plugged into, that same process kicks in. The drivers are already there, but the configuration needs updating to reflect the new location of the device.

Windows simply pops up the “Installing” message even if the only thing it needs to do is update the configuration for the device in its new location. That’s probably just a number of settings in the registry, but it could certainly be a lot more.

We will try four suggestions here, but before you begin, check the USB on another PC, and also connect another USB to this PC and see if there is any fault with the USB itself:

  • Reinstall Universal Serial Bus controllers driver
  • Turn off Power Saving Option for the USB driver
  • Install Universal Serial Bus controllers driver in Compatibility mode
  • Run the Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter.

Please refer TheWindowsClud article on step by step explanation on above points USB keep disconnecting and reconnecting in Windows 10

Before you begin, you might want to create a system restore point first.

Hope this helps

Please follow this instruction

  1. Connect your USB device which is not recognized by Windows
  2. You will see a message (Unknown USB device) with yellow sign
  3. Now right click on it and clik uninstall to remove them
  4. Restart your PC and the drivers will be automatically installed.

(Note) You need to activate your windows as this method only works when you have a genuine copy of windows