User forgot local admin password, how to recover it?

Hi Guys,

One of my user bring his personal laptop with weird issue. I am able to understand the actual cause. I tried to install ccleaner, bit defender, malwarebytes but had to enter a password to do it. But the thing is, he forgets the local admin password for the laptop.I can’t able open system restore without a password. I can’t open computer management, user accounts in control panel, or change any settings at all. I can’t uninstall some of the things I don’t want either without a password.

Everything I try to do I have to enter a password. It boots OK and then asks for a password. I press enter and it then continues to desktop. The computer works fine otherwise. How can I turn off this asking for a password for EVERYTHING I do? In a way I feel like I’m locked out of my computer.

Thank you.

Hello @Evans

You can break windows 10 admin password by following these steps.

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