Virtual Network Gateway failed No error logs

I am creating a virtual network gateway using ARM in a UK west data center and I am getting the same error after creation each time. The Virtual Gateway has a red banner over it saying ‘failed’ after creation


I am not sure where to look for any pointers as to what this error could be OR where I can find some more details on what it could be. I am very confused by the vogue information as I am getting this on multiple times


If you have your Azure resources in logical groups, see if there are any other dependant services still active.
I have migrated a lot of on-premise servers and we see all sorts of extra system components added.

If the migrations aren’t cleanly finished (i.e. some numpty deletes random stuff), there are lots of network objects we need to manually remove before we can fail-over and stop syncing back to the on-premise server.

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