VPN client windows 10 connecting to cisco rv042g

Hi guys
we are facing client gateway setup issues from few days.

It is alright but it was replying me that there is something wrong going…
But it seems right…

my setup on RV042G :

tunnel-group VPN
01.My Tunnel
Name of my tunnel is a test client
The interface of my tunnel: WAN1
Enable: yes
Setup of the local group.
Gateway type of Security: IP only
IP Address : (WAN IP address)
Group Type of Local Security: Subnet
IP Address :
Subnet Mask:
Remote Client Setup
Remote Security Gateway Type: IP only
IP Address:
IPSec Setup
Keying Mode: IKE with Preshared key
Phase 1 DH Group: Group2-1024bit
Phase 1 Encryption: DES
Phase 1 Authentication: MD5
Phase 1 SA Life Time: 28800seconds
Perfect Forward Secrecy: yes
Phase 2 DH Group: Group1 - 768
Phase 2 Encryption: DES
Phase 2 Authentication: md5
Phase 2 SA Life Time: 3600seconds
Preshared Key : (This is Security key)
Minimum Preshared Key Complexity: Enable

I have tried so many ways which I can
Such as I tried with windows10 VPN and with quick VPN but can’t connect.

Please guide me

Thank a lot in advance…

Hello @Jackson
Would you please share the screenshot of your error message so that I can help to solve the solution.

You can check these basic steps to solve the problem.

  1. Make sure the server is online.
  2. Make sure the password and username are correct.
  3. Restart the VPN software.
  4. Clear your device of old VPN software.
  5. Check the authentication process.
  6. Check your firewall.