W-7 Pro asks me to upgrade to 10 Pro

I have a question. I had no problems in doing many free upgrades from W-7 Home to 10 Home. But now W-7 Pro asks me to upgrade to 10 Pro. Should I use the procedure for upgrading the PC?

Hello @Hendrix

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You should upgrade Win7 to win10 as Microsoft is going to end
the support of windows 7.
In my opinion you should do it.
The link you have mentioned is not running.
for more information about windows 7 support you can check the this link.


As @VIkasmadan said Microsoft is going to end windows 7 support, and it will be good if you upgrade your operation system to windows 10

Well, Absolutely why not?
Make sure your desktop has the ability to run and execute WIN10 beforehand.

As explained by other community members you must upgrade from windows-7 to windows-10 as support for windows-7 won’t be available any more. Link posted by you in the post seems to be outdated but if you have already upgraded, I would say this was a right move as you experience better experience with features and support for windows-10.