Wake of Lan not working on Windows 10

Hi there,

Currently we are using Windows 10 version 1909 and all of the devices are 64 bit and HP Desktops. Not sure from when now we are facing wake on lan issue on all of our windows 10 computers. If I shut down a PC normally wake on LAN works just fine. However if I have a power outage and I come in the next day for example, then Wake on LAN does not work and I physically have to visit a bunch of desktops to turn them on. This is very annoying since our office is locked due to covid and all of our users are working from home.

I can reassure all of our PC have Wake on Lan enabled on the BIOS. I have checked on the NIC settings in device manager and the Wake on magic packet is enabled and all those settings appear normal. I even tested on 1 machine by turning Fast startup off and that did not seem to have any i’ll effect either.

What setting I am missing here?