We can't sign you in with this credential because your domain isn't available

What is the problem that I can’t understand this is the second time that I’m facing this issue. At Frist time I face this issue by reinstalling the OS in the system after losing to all the possible troubleshoot battles.

So, now I am facing a little descriptive, the error I’m getting is “We can’t sign you in with this credential because your domain isn’t available. Make sure your device is connected to your organization’s network and try again. If you previously signed in on this device with another credential, you can sign in with that credential”

To make this stuff I have done a lot of things
For example…

I have to check the DNS entries

I have Changed the cached Logins to ‘0’ in the Local Security Policies

I have Re-joined the system to Domain

I have removed the user from Protected Users group
So after doing these things I can’t see anything different in this issue…

Is there anything that can guide me to the possible way by that I can resolve this issue without reinstalling the OS?

Thanks a lot, guys.

Hello @Becky

I hope this link would help you to solve your problem.