What Antivirus solutions you use for a domain controller?

I was wondering what Antivirus do you guys use on a domain controller. Does a server really need a antivirus solutions? will it slow down the server performance?

Hello @NaveenD
Of course, domain controller need Antivirus and
you must install anti virus in server and as well as domain clients.
No if you are using good anti virus, it will not slow down ther performance of server. you can buy corporate edition anti virus.
There are lots of anti virus solutions in Market but Symantec Norton Antivirus is best as it has lots of experience it is one of the oldest one. you can check it out
McAfee also is a good choice.


Definitely, they are just as susceptible to viruses as a desktop/laptop. You can always make exclusions (and you will most likely need too). I’d recommend Kaspersky Enterprise-Server Edition.

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Hi @NaveenD, Welcome to the community :bouquet,

If the DC is only a DC, Only performing LAN authentications and forwarding DNS requests to the internet then NO antivirus software required. I do not use any antivirus software in a DC it will have a performance hit. If you are storing files or some important data then you need to consider for antivirus software and if you are on > server 2016 windows defender is enough just make sure always it’s up to date

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Hi @NaveenD

Using Anti virus on a DC has Good and bad side.
I prefer kaspersky AV for DC. bit it will reduce the performance by 10 - 15 percent while scanning

also better to create a Firewall system to prevent unwanted things.

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