What does Persistence Enterprise mean in Credential Manager


We are planning to map network drives for all the users. Since, this environment is not in domain We need are not able to use the domain credential for the same network shares.

We have a synology devices in workgroup now I need to map the respective drives by Team wise using Group Policy.

Instead of sharing credential I found a way to store the credential in all the users PC with batch file using the below command

cmdkey /add:DeviceName /user:UserName /pass:Password

I am planning to put this as a logon script using group policy before I do so I have a question. Please see the below screenshot by running the above command credential manager automatically define persistence as Enterprise

Now my question is What does Persistence Enterprise mean in Credential Manager?

  1. Based on my knowledge, Persistence means the persistence of this credential. The value of Enterprise means the credential persists for all subsequent logon sessions on this same computer and it is visible to other logon sessions of this same user on this same computer and to logon sessions for this user on other computers. In other words, it do persist after logoff or reboot.
  2. Generic credentials are defined and authenticated by applications that manage authorization and security directly instead of delegating these tasks to the operating system. For example, an application can require users to enter a user name and password provided by the application or to produce a certificate to access a website. What’s more, generic credentials are different from Windows credentials where you can manage all windows credentials, since they are authenticated by programs that manage security on their own rather than sending it to the Operating System. If you are not sure of using any application program or website by that name, please delete the virtual app user in Generic credentials.
  3. Credential Manager allows you to store credentials, such as user names and passwords that you use to log on to websites or other computers on a network. Domain credentials are used by the operating system and authenticated by the Local Security Authority (LSA).
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Hi @umer,

Thanks for the explanations.

I also want to share my findings on this topic. I hope it will be helpful to others

net use w: \myserver\fileshare /user:MyID MyPassword I would choose logon script placed at startup folder

Persistent Enterprise means the credential persists for all subsequent logon sessions on this same computer

enterprise means this network part of business network by Microsoft default, there are two value Local computer and enterprise

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Credential Manager is the place where Windows maintain all the password for your device. There are two category in Credential Manager. One is Web Credential which store all of your online credential like for example you are signing to any website online which requires to put login and password, once your enter your password you will be given one option to save your credential. When you proceed those credential are saved on the Web Credentials.

On the other hand, Windows Credentials which store all the credential related to your device applications for example your Microsoft application login and password, your local server password, network share password etc.,

By going to Web Credentials and Windows Credentials you can see the list of credential stored by the Windows. You can remove those credential and if required windows will save it for your when you login to the particular application on local or online.

Persistence means using the command line like CMD or PowerShell code you may save some credential on your device which won’t be removed by the Windows during the restart.

Hope this helps