What is the best network monitoring tools?


I am looking for a network monitoring tool for my small office. As of now we have 50 computers and a few networking devices. I talked to the management and it seems they don’t have approval for the budget so looking for any free tool.

So, far I have collected the tool and counting on:

  1. Spicework network monitoring tool
  2. Lansweeper
  3. Opmanager

Any recommendation on the above or new suggestions are welcome.


We use on a lot of our sites.
It needs to be hosted on a server and takes a white to set up.

If your needs are basic and you don’t want to manage a central server as well, one of the other products will work OK. GFI is also a big player who we have used when they were branded Hound Dog

Hey there!
You can try Nagios
Is popular due to its active development community and external plug-in support. You can create and use external plugins in the form of executable files or Perl and shell scripts to monitor and collect metrics from every hardware and software used in a network. There are plugins that provide an easier and better GUI, address many limitations in the Core, and support features, such as auto discovery, extended graphing.

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Hi @CrazyFrog,

When did you last check the Spiceworks networking tool? Due to a reported vulnerability, Spiceworks Network Monitor will no longer be available and supported effective January 20, 2020. So, you should not consider Spiceworks instead you may try Connectivity Dashboard it’s a similar cloud version.

Lansweeper is not a network monitoring tool. Lansweeper is an application that gathers hardware and software information of computers and other devices on a computer network for management and compliance and audit purposes

I would recommend PRTG as I have been using it for a few years. Plus It offers 100 free sensors which will enough for a small office.

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Hello @CrazyFrog

You can go for PRTG as suggested by @tjnihal,
2nd option is Nagios



You can use PRTG. It has 100 free sensors


Hi, Thanks all, After all of your suggestion I see what PRTG has to give for my network. Thanks

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i recommend > Wireshark
Please refer this :

@zura1994 Yes, PRTG is really nice monitoring tool. :+1: :+1: :+1:

I think WireShark is more of a diagnostic tool for analysing packets and not for full time monitoriung of systems.