What is the best practice to set time zone for Windows 10 PCs?

I need your expert help with this.

When doing a Windows 10 install, Windows now assumes everyone is in the pacific time zone. We are using Customized OOBE (Out-of-box experience) which is not asking for time zone anymore.

I hate to do this update on every computer and I need a way to set automatically as you can predict when you are re-imaging dozens of computers, it’s annoying to step to forget to change the time zone.

What is the best practice for setting time zones for Windows 10 computers in an enterprise environment? I know there are DHCP options, GPO methods, registry hacks. But what is the best way to have Windows 10 get the right time zone?

Thankfully we don’t have any branch or other offices in other regions so this make me simple to use a single option to deploy for all the computers.


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Please read about the best practices on time settings here.

Hi @ajmal,

You can set the time zone in Windows 10 PCs with the following methods:

Configure Time Zone Manually:

On a local machine, these are configured in the Date & Time settings. Time zone settings are system-specific and not configured per-user (although you can [redirect the local time zone]

Configure Time Zone using Registry

The time zone configuration is stored in the Windows registry in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive. The exact registry key is:


The time zone settings consist of multiple values as seen in the screenshot below.

To find out the exact value for each of the ten registry entries, first set the time zone manually in the local Date & Time configuration. Afterwards, simply check the aforementioned registry values.

Hope this helps

Hi @ajmal,

@Mr.Robot has given two options to set time zone using registry and manually. You can also achieve the same result by changing time zone from the control panel.

Change Time Zone in Control Panel

  1. Open the Control Panel and click/tap on the Date and Time icon.

  2. Click/tap on the Change time zone button under the Time zone section. (see screenshot below)

  3. Select the time zone you want to use in the drop-down menu, and click/tap on OK

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