What is the best way or software to completely wipe Android Mobile

I want to sale out my mobile phone, please suggest me the best method which i will use to wipe my cell phone before selling, because in many people will recover used cell phone data by using various software

Hi @sarfrazjbd,

Make sure that you have anything you want to keep backed up before you do this because it will wipe everything. And reset the phone to using Factory Reset.

If you want to be absolutely certain, you can overwrite the encrypted data with junk data and then perform another factory reset; then it would be genuinely impossible to recover any of your old data. This will probably overkills. If you want to do it, however, then simply load a bunch of dummy data onto your phone until the storage is full — a few large videos should do the trick — and then perform another factory reset.

You can also get an app to do it for you. There are a few options in the Play Store, such as Secure Erase with iShredder 6 or Shreddit.

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Thanks, for rapid response and valuable suggestion this will really help me and solved my problem

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You are welcome. Bro :grinning:

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