What should be Minimum Temperature for Server Room


We have a Server Rack in a Room where 15 user also sit along with it. Recently I started getting high temperature comparing to previous records. Below is the list of device we have at present in server rack:

  • 2 Rock mount server
  • 3 form factor server
  • 5 24 switch
  • 4 Routers
  • 2 NAS

If I see the temperature in NAS or Server I get around 25 C previously now for the last week I am started to getting the temperature at above 35 C.

I don’t know what would be the cause anyhow I am open for suggestions as well as what should be the minimum temperature to be maintained for server?


General recommendations suggest that you should not go below 10°C ( 50°F ) or above 28°C ( 82°F ).

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Check the information in this link

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