What's in your PC Build / User Profile Setup?

Good Evening!
I have to discuss all of you guys about PC Build / User Profile Setup because I usually try more that I can perfect my thoughts more as much as I can…

I work as MSP so my base build is listed below. No specific client software.

I build by a script called MDT. I have changed all the settings one by one script…
I saw that on GPO…there are so many clients here, which doesn’t have a proper domain system.

I usually think that can I spread my scripts to could is it better to me but those are so many for sending. I posted the ntuser.dat edits because its not a typical PowerShell script such as set power settings or turn off the firewall.

So please suggest me the right way which, I’m looking to see what everyone else does.

So I am very thank full to all of you guys…