Where do I Access all new drivers for Windows 10 After free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 7

Hello everyone,

Such trouble need immediate help. Recently, I upgraded my computer (which was working fine) and after 4 hours it is filled with bugs. The Drivers - at least 26 are deemed nonexistent or obsolete with the Driver Restore software LOADED WITH Windows 10 upgrade and costs about $40 and I still have no idea if it will fix EVERYTHING. I have NEVER had to pay for updating drivers before and this is a scam. They know it or the Driver Restore of optional WinZip Driver Restore a Microsoft Partner) would not come loaded with the upgrade or charge me after a FREE SCAN!

I didn’t NEED new drivers before and if I did I was able to get them free.I tried to fix and one of my colleagues also tried but we can’t find it.

Please help. Any other help RE any other fixes I may need to know about.