Which email platform is the best?

Hi. I wish to create a large email base from which my freelancers would send and receive emails targeted at key customer segments. I do not own a website, so I have to choose between regular platforms (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, hushmail, proton, Mozilla, spark, macOS mail, and many others). What would be the best platform these days for mass email creation and management?

Hi @Marcus
Many users are using Gmail. Even your most freelancers are like to use Gmail rather than other Email platform.
It’s very user friendly than Outlook so i recommend to use Gmail as your email based work.

Hi there,
all these are good and among these Gmail is best for normal email service. but if you want some kind of professional looking email then go for mail.com they have bunch of @ xyz email domains. like @ consultant, @ education, @ freelancer etc. you can check out the subdomains they are offering and it’s totally free.

IF you wish to create bulk emails with mobile verification you can use protonomail.com. But in case you don’t have any issue with verification then hotmail or gmail is best option. But I have doubt if you can create more than 2 accounts with mobile number verification with gmail or hotmail. So, prefer to use protonmail is best option. Create account in seconds .

first of all, using free domain isn’t congruous with mass marketing emails, cause it’ll ended up in spam folder anyway.
If you’re looking for professional type that also viable then I’d suggest well-known company such as Mailchimp, Sendinblue,et cetera.
Those guys will do the job and tailor the suitable; effective way to do the mass marketing alongside with organised report management, no freelancers needed whatsoever, higher scalability & cost-effective wise.

But if you’re still on vague phase, then gmail or so-called freebies would do.

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Hey there!
Using Gmail has a lot of advantages and is is safe


I advice you Gmail. I am using it and it’s very comfortable.