Why Can't I Backup My iPhone - 6 Possible Fixes

Backups serve an important role in avoiding or eliminating chances of data loss. A spill of water can damage your phone, or it can be stolen. In any of such unforeseen occasions, you are at high risk of data loss if you have not taken a backup.

Taking regular backups is a smart move and a recommended one. However, if you are facing troubles while taking backups and are thinking, why can’t I backup my iPhone, then try the troubleshooting explained below. You will learn the

Solutions to iTunes Backup Being Failed

1] Update iTunes Version

There is no surprise that an outdated iTunes is causing this issue. Every new version brings improvements and fixtures to bugs that exist in previous versions. You can install the newer version by launching the iTunes app and clicking the ‘Help’ tab. There, you will see an option to check for updates.

Alternatively, you can delete the existing iTunes software and install a new one either from their official website or from the Microsoft Store.

2] Check Your USB Driver

Drivers are the means by which the computer knows how to respond to an external device. If you are using your iPhone and connecting it to your PC, you must have USB drivers. It is also possible that your current drivers are unable to read data from your iPhone. In that case, you need to update to the latest ones. Follow these steps to check your USB drivers.

  • Open ‘Start’.
  • Type ‘Device Manager’ and click on the result. A list of all installed devices will appear.
  • Under the ‘Portable Devices’ section, you will see your iPhone’s driver named ‘Apple iPad’.
  • Right-click on it and click ’Update Driver’.
  • It will ask you where to search for the drivers. Select ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’.
  • After this, restart your iTunes.

3] Bad Connection

It is no surprise that your data cable is faulty. There are two ends of your data cable. Most probably, it is losing the connection from the USB connector’s side. Ensure that both ends of your data cable are fine.

4] Disable Your Anti-virus

Anti-virus softwares does not allow external devices and other activities if they think it is not safe for your PC. Try disabling your anti-virus and Windows Defender programs and try creating backups now.

5] Upgrade iPhone to the Latest iOS

If you work with a very old version of iOS on the iPhone, try updating it to the latest one. You are also advised to upgrade your iPhone because the latter not only comes in with new improved features but also fixes bugs.

6] Use Another USB Port

Try a different USB port for your laptop. Maybe the current port is faulty. Alternatively, try connecting a USB drive to those USB ports and check which one works.


You should always take backups of your iPhone data. This will help you to recover data if your iPhone is stolen, fallen and broken, damaged by water, etc. iTunes is an easy and official way to copy data of your apps and store them on your PC. However, if you are facing issues and cannot create backups, follow the troubleshooting guide explained above to get rid of the issue.