Why do errors always occur when updating window 10 from version 1803 to 2004?

I currently use Windows 10 version 1803. I have been trying to update to window 10 version 2004. But I always get the error code 0x80070011-0x2000D. I have tried the troubleshooter, I have used SFC and Windows Media Creation Tool, but none of that worked. Is there any solution?


Hi @Elta_Marisa,

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0x80070011 indicates that the system was trying to move data to another disk drive

0x2000D indicates that there was a problem during the data migration.

Are your using SSD + HDD in your device? If yes try removing additional drive (not the OS installed) and perform the upgrade. To upgrade Windows 10 version 2004 properly please follow this post:

How to upgrade your Windows 10 version in your Device.

If the above wasn’t helpful, you have mentioned you have already performed troubleshooting steps please let me know What troubleshooting step you have performed so far? So, that I can guide you in the right path