Why my PC not booting after removing secondary HDD?

I have 4 hard drives currently and wanted to remove the one I was no longer using. So, today I planned this work.

after removing the drive and doing some wire management I booted up and my computer can no longer find my boot drive yet the drive is still on and available in the bios as a selectable drive to boot from.

my hard drive setup is as follows

1: SSD 250gb drive with my operating system and basic programs

2: 1TB SSD

3: 3TB HDD

4: 1TB HDD

after many attempts and searching I still can’t figure out what is going wrong, I tried using windows boot USB to repair the #1 SSD but no luck. so I installed windows onto my m.2 drive so I can take a look at the #1 SSD via windows.

does anyone have suggestions or ideas i can do to fix the main drive? or do i bite the bullet and start from from my m.2 drive?

Hello @Kareem2002

You will have to configure hard disk boot priority
In bios and make hard disk connected properly

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When you turn on PC, try to use quick boot and choose Disk where is your operation system, and if OS starts you need to change boot priority from Bios as @Kareem2002 said

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Hi @Kareem2002,

Both @VIkasmadan and @zura1994 is right you need to change the boot priority in your BIOS.

Can you put back the device and see if you can boot normally?