Why won’t the tablets accept my user passwords?

I have an old NAS that uses SMB 1.0. Older laptops and desktop PCs can map the NAS without a problem, but my Microsoft touch tablets can’t connect to it (all PCs under the same workgroup). I connect to the WAN through a batch file at startup: net use z: \Atlantic\user /user:user. It doesn’t work on tablets (Version 1809). When I try to connect it with the device, I get “The specified network password is not correct.” Why won’t the tablets accept my user pass?

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From windows 10 version 1709 by default Microsoft disabled SMB v1.0. It is not recommended to enable. Since, your NAS only has SMB v1.0 then can configure your tablet OS to accept SMB v1.0 connection by following this article Enable SMB1 Sharing Protocol in Windows 10 - Winaero

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